About Hargrave Technologies


Hargrave Technologies began life in 2015

Previously known as Advanced Power Drives, Hargrave Technologies has gone from a small group of engineers focussing on the drone market to supplying key UAS components to the largest aerospace companies in the world.

Inspired by Lawrence Hargrave, an Australian engineer, inventor, astronomer and explorer, who pioneered early aerial navigation, our main focus is to beat the forces of gravity. Yes, it’s a radical idea, but here in Australia, we are committed to the challenge - every measure is there to be beaten.

At Hargrave Technologies, we engineer the smallest, lightest, highest performance UAS components, that allow our customers to go further, faster, more efficiently, and more consistently.

Specialists in the professional design and manufacturing of electronic speed controllers (ESCs), essential for driving brushless electric motors using various power sources:

  • Exceptional performance and reliability
  • Global recognition in commercial and defence aerospace markets
    Also offering cutting-edge solutions for the automotive and space industries.

At the heart of our technology is GateKEEPER.