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Hargrave Technologies is a leading developer of UAS power electronics solutions, specialising in electronic speed controllers (ESCs) for driving brushless electric motors in the most demanding applications. Designed and manufactured in Australia, we offer NDAA-Compliant options for all products.

Our products allow you to go further, faster, every single flight.


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Our Products

Push beyond the performance curve with Hargrave Technologies.

We help customers undertake a variety of missions and Hargrave Technologies’ products play a critical role in the success of these important activities. 

  • Exceptional performance and reliability
  • Our ESCs have gained recognition in commercial and defence aerospace markets
  • We also offer cutting-edge solutions for the automotive and space industries.

We firmly believe that every measure is there to be beaten.

Our off-the-shelf solutions meet immediate requirements, and our highly skilled customisation team excels in developing variants or creating bespoke designs from the ground up. From electronics to software requirements, the delivered tailored solutions can be rapidly implemented within weeks, not months.

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Our lightest IP67 controller, optimised for the most demanding sUAS applications. Fly in any conditions with DroneCAN and our leading FOCAL algorithm. 

15 - 60 V
60 A continuous, 110 A burst
DroneCAN, DShot and PWM
94 g base weight
Take off with microDRIVE LP
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Made for the dynamic needs of the UAS industry, our ultra-light, bare-board motor controller embodies versatility without sacrificing performance.

15 - 60 V
60 A continuous, 110 A burst
DroneCAN, DShot and PWM
34 g base weight
Integrate your way with microDRIVE LPi
Megadrive B

The highest power series of the DRIVE family of motor controllers, tailored, and optimised for power density, while maintaining optimum thermal performance.

15 - 120 V
200 A continuous, 300 A burst
Dual CAN, DShot and PWM
750 g total weight
Over perform with megaDRIVE
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Proudly Australian made

Hargrave Technologies operates on-site manufacturing facilities, including a comprehensive SMT production line, which ensures complete control over every stage of production. 

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