Ud Lpi Integration

Engineered for Adaptability.

Unrivaled Performance.

Made for the dynamic needs of the UAS industry, the microDRIVE LPi embodies versatility without sacrificing performance.

This bare-board integrable motor controller is designed to be ultra-light, compact and efficient, fitting seamlessly into aircraft systems. With flexible mounting choices and adaptable cooling options, it allows you to optimize your UAS to its fullest potential. Assisted by our team of support engineers, the microDRIVE LPi guarantees a smooth and efficient integration process, making it the ideal choice for UAS applications where reliability and performance matter most.

Ud Lpi CAN

Modern Communications.

Full DroneCAN support with CAN passthrough. 

The microDRIVE LPi transforms UAV communication. With full DroneCAN support, this controller easily integrates into your system, ensuring reliable deployment at scale. Its CAN passthrough feature simplifies wiring and streamlines UAV production by allowing effortless daisy-chaining.

Beyond delivering robust throttle commands, the microDRIVE LPi allows users to fine-tune over 60 parameters and update firmware directly from their flight computer, ensuring every ESC is always performing exactly as expected.

DroneCAN telemetry lets you gather critical data like current, voltage and RPM from your ESCs in real-time. microDRIVE LPi constantly monitors and reports status so you can catch issues before they occur. 

Bidirectional DShot and PWM are also supported. 

Ud Fets

DRIVE Different.

microDRIVE LPi gives you the choice between our groundbreaking high-efficiency FOCAL algorithm and our rapid-response Trapezoidal drive, so you can get the most out of your motor for your vehicle. 

It's more connected to your motor than ever. Temperature and three hall effect sensor inputs open a world of possibilities, including:

  • Propeller Parking
  • Sensored Drive
  • Motor Temperature Protection
Ud Lpi Side

Light but Loaded.

  • High-speed circular data logging, with storage for up to 72 hours.
  • Real-time, configurable hardware protection mechanisms. 
  • Onboard capacitor bank allows for up to 3 m (9 ft) of input leads.
  • Optional screw terminals or bare solder pads.
  • Accurate current measurement over full operating range.
  • Advanced onboard diagnostics and self-testing.
  • Error-correcting memory. 
All under 34 g.
Need Support Bg

Will it work for your aircraft?

Our datasheet is filled with performance data to help you determine if microDRIVE LPi is a good fit for you. 

Built by Hargrave.

microDRIVE LPi harnesses our deep vertical integration across hardware, firmware and manufacturing to deliver the highest-performing, most robust motor controller we've ever built. It incorporates everything we've learnt over the past decade of building ESCs for some of the most advanced uncrewed vehicles in the world.

Find out about the Hargrave difference below. 


Our next-generation motor control core shares it's proven reliability and robust feature set across our range. 



Our new motor control topology is specifically optimised for the real-world demands of high-performance UAS. 

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A modern tool to configure, update and understand logs from your GateKEEPER ESCs. 

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