Introducing GateKEEPER


Welcome to GateKEEPER

A proven technology core with over 10,000 flight hours and testing feedback. The result is the next generation of motor controllers that has helped customers fly further, faster, every flight. 

GateKEEPER emerges as a game-changer for aerospace and Defence industries, setting new motor controller technology standards. With its flight-proven performance, advanced features, and unwavering commitment to security and quality, GateKEEPER elevates motor controller efficiency and reliability.

Gain the tactical advantage and push beyond the performance curve with GateKEEPER:

  • A proven motor control IP core
  • Robust performance and high reliability that we are known for on any integrated inverter
  • Bespoke controllers now derived from the same flight-tested platform as our COTS offerings
  • GateKEEPER supports wide bandgap bridges like SiC and GaN

Technical features: 

  • Offers FOCAL, our groundbreaking motor control algorithm, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency
  • A wide range of DroneCAN communication features ensures seamless integration with custom setups
  • Ensures accurate measurement of both motor controller and connected motor sensors
  • GateKEEPERs' high-speed circular logging ensures no crucial moment is ever missed

Configurability and updatability:

  • Works right out of the box, but with over 60 configurable parameters, can easily be tailored to the exact needs of your aircraft
  • Stay up to date with firmware updates over USB and DroneCAN, giving full control and insights into performance and error-handling capabilities

Advanced features:

  • GateKEEPER goes the extra mile with self-redundant memory, onboard backups, and error-correcting codes

Security features:

  • GateKEEPER takes a proactive stance against counterfeit products, safeguarding your investment
  • On-site manufacturing facilities, including a comprehensive SMT production line, which ensures complete control over every stage of production