Take off with microDRIVE LP


microDRIVE LP launched

We have launched the first of our next generation of motor controllers beginning with microDRIVE LP which is now available and has already proved to be a welcome solution among aerospace and Defence companies.

Key Features:

  • DroneCAN, DShot or Standard Servo PWM support.
  • FOCAL and Trapezoidal motor control methods.
  • Motor temperature sensing.
  • Propeller parking functionality (motor sensor required).
  • Internal capacitor bank sufficient for up to 3m input lead length.
  • Accurate current measurement over the full range of operation.
  • IP-rated enclosure with pre-cabled and connector-terminated variants.
  • Highly configurable over multiple interfaces.
  • Internal high-speed circular data logging (up to 72 hours storage). 
  • Hardware self-tests on start-up.
  • Self-correcting memory, use of onboard backups and error-correcting codes.
  • NDAA-compliant options.

With over 10,000 commercial flight hours, microDRIVE LP offers performance for multiple UAS applications in the harshest of environments. microDRIVE LP units utilises our GateKEEPER platform, and groundbreaking high-efficiency FOCAL algorithm which sets a new standard for sensorless motor drive and extends the low-speed efficiency of FOC to the high-RPM performance of the trapezoidal drive with no tuning required. microDRIVE LP also provides high-speed circular logging ensuring no crucial moment is ever missed.

Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia, we offer NDAA-compliant options for the most demanding applications and engineers the smallest, lightest, highest-performance UAS components with trusted supply chain security. 

microDRIVE LP has already gained recognition with Aerospace and Defence customers ensuring they go further, faster, every flight. Above all, our family of microDRIVE products, beginning with LP,  provides reliability which is key for mission-critical activities.

microDRIVE LP is a ready-to-go solution with over 60 configurable parameters, accessible using our uniquely user-focussed Configurator Tool or DroneCAN. In addition, our Datasheet provides additiotional information including safety, integration, communications, wiring and telemetry ensuring customer can take off with confidence.